Physics Colloquium

Monday, 17:15 in Hörsaal I, Physics Highrise

Renowned speakers and young researchers give lectures about current topics of modern physics. The lectures are public and address a broad audience.

Programme in the Summer Semester 2022:

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 25.04.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
How does Molecular Complexity Evolve? (more...)
Michael Lässig
University of Cologne

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 02.05.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
From Einstein's questions to entangled qubits: the second quantum revolution (more...)
Alain Aspect
Universite Paris Saclay

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 09.05.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
The Principle of Global Relativity (more...)
Jochum van der Bij
University of Freiburg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 16.05.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Real-time observation of conical intersection in biomolecules (more...)
Giulio Cerullo
Politecnico di Milano

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 23.05.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Time Socioeconomic Impacts of Climate Change - Insights into Deutscher Wetterdienst (more...)
Tobias Geiger
Deutscher Wetterdienst Potsdam

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 30.05.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Thought Experiments in Brain Research (more...)
Stefan Rotter
University of Freiburg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 13.06.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
The Effective Field Theory Approach to Collider Physics (more...)
Maximilian Stahlhofen
University of Freiburg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 20.06.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Antrittsvorlesung WE-Heraeus-Seniorprofessur: A chain of pendula as a model for relativistic particle physics (more...)
Thomas Filk
University of Freiburg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 27.06.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Probing the Quantum Mechanics of Many-Body Chaos (more...)
Klaus Richter
University of Regensburg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 04.07.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Quantum Physics with Ultra-Cold Atoms: From ATOMTRONICS to Quantum Simulation (more...)
Gerhard Birkl
TU Darmstadt

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 11.07.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
You Want it Darker: From Quantum Vacuum to Frozen Light (more...)
Stefan Buhmann
University of Kassel

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 18.07.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Dynamics of Delocalized Electrons in Strong Laser Fields (more...)
Jan-Michael Rost
MPI Dresden

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 25.07.2022, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Light-Induced Dynamics and Control of Strongly Correlated Materials (more...)
Junichi Okamoto
University of Freiburg

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