Physics Colloquium

Monday, 17:15 in Hörsaal I, Physics Highrise

Renowned speakers and young researchers give lectures about current topics of modern physics. The lectures are public and address a broad audience.

Summer Semester 2023:

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 24.04.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Not Just in Fairytales: Exploring the Dark Forest (more...)
Kimberly Palladino
University of Oxford

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 08.05.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Underscreening, Overscreening, and Blue Energy - how electrostatic interactions can be exploited in a thermodynamic engine for sustainable energy conversion (more...)
Andreas Haertel
University of Freiburg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 22.05.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Sector Coupled Energy Model for the European Energy Transition (more...)
Henrik te Heesen
Hochschule Trier

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 05.06.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Time-resolved Experiments with Atoms and Molecules using XUV and IR Laser Fields (more...)
Robert Moshammer
Max Planck Institut Heidelberg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 12.06.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Simulating Excitons and Multiexcitons under Confinement (more...)
Eran Rabani
University of California Berkeley

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 19.06.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Space-Time-Matter: Physics based on Finite Projective Geometry (more...)
Klaus Mecke
FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 26.06.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Fusion Research - Bringing the Power of the Stars to Earth? (more...)
Hartmut Zohm
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Plasmaphysik Garching

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 03.07.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
A Tale with Precision (more...)
Jens Erler
University of Mainz

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 10.07.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Cholesteric liquid crystal elastomers: intriguing soft actuators and strain sensors (more...)
Jan Lagerwall
University of Luxembourg

kolloqthumb175x80.gif Mon 17.07.2023, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Algorithms for discerning the time arrow in microscopic phenomena (more...)
Dmitrii Makarov
University of Texas, Austin

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