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Information EU-Büro

  • Information and guidelines  
  • See presentation given at info event posted on these webpages
  • You can find the collection of reports of students from previous years at the EU-office.


Further information:

  • If all agree I can get you in touch with students of previous years (please ask me in person).
  • Once after your nomination we will have regular meetings to discuss progress and open issues.


Deadlines before mobility:

News/changes to the application procedure will appear on this webpage. It will be useful to watch this webpage during application and your stay abroad.

  • Info-meeting later November or early December
  • January 15th: formal application in physics department;
  1. submit form, tabulated CV and a current Transcript of Records in one pdf-file via email
  • Nomination:
  1. During of January and February: distribution/discussion about free slots at host universities
  2. By end of March: definite reply about the your nominations to the universities; if you have not heard from my by the end of March, please contact me. (In any case, better you send more then fewer emails, so we know things are progressing OK.)
  3. Soon (1-2 weeks) after I informed you about your nomination, you should receive login information for the online system of the EU-office.  (If you do not receive a link, please contact me or the EU-office.)
  • End of April submit to EU-office

     You have to follow the online system (Mobility-Online), which covers all aspects of your registration. The key documents you will have to send to me (via Email) for my signature and then upload. The important forms are: 

  1. Registration
  2. Learning agreement (60 ECTS for full year, signed by host)
  3. Transcript of records (signed by local coordinator & Prüfungsamt) or overview of study records from campus management system
  4. Online-Linguistic support (OLS) and test (link sent via email by EU-office) link sent via email
  • Important: Individual deadlines concerning the formal application as erasmus-exchange student at host university:
  1. You have to register in the host universities. You should be sent information via the online system of EU-office, however, it will be best to google the  individual registration deadlines of your host very early, so that you can become proactive in case of delays.
  2. Application forms to be obtained from hosts (watch deadlines of host)
  3. Housing application to be obtained from hosts (watch deadlines of host)
  • Beurlaubung:
  1. Fill in the "Beurlaubung" within the deadline of the "Rueckmeldung" 
  • LA signature by host:
  1. The deadline for the host signature on the LA is 'before the exchange starts'. However, it is best to acquire the signature before the summer break starts. 


Deadlines during mobility

  • Within two weeks of start of term at host university (if violated funding must be returned):
  1. Send changes of Learning Agreement to EU-office
  2. Confirm changes of Learning Agreement and recognition of changes with coordinator at home university 

  • Confirmation of stay abroad: you have to obtain the `Ankunftsbestätigung' and `Aufenthaltsbestätigung' signed by your host. Please use only forms that can be downloaded from your Mobility-Online accounts. You have to upload the documents after your stay, however, you can send them to me earlier, in oder to have a backup.


Deadlines after mobility

  •  Before July 31st (if violated funding must be returned):
  1. Completed Learning Agreement after mobility
  2. Transcript of records form provided by host: signed by host
  3. Detailed student report about stay abroad submitted to EU office.
  4. Proof of stay abroad by host university (confirming start, duration and end of stay)
  5. EU-survey: link sent via email
  6. Online linguistic test (OLS): link to test sent via email


Host specific information (provided by previous students)

  • Reports from previous students are collected by the EU-office.
  • Upon request I can get you in touch with former Erasmus students of your host.



  • Conversion of grades: see here.
  • Some universities do not accept the OLS test. I can sign the test to confirm your participation.
  • If you have urgent request during your stay, I can call you. Please state clearly and send contact details if needed.
  • Important information about your host institute can be found on the contracts.
  • Anrechnung eines Kurses für zwei Veranstaltungen in Freiburg: Z.B. Kurs im Ausland für 10 ECTS, kann man 5 ECTS für das fachfremde Modul und 5 für BOK-Kurse anrechnen lassen? Nein, die Aufteilung der ECTS Punkte ist nicht möglich. 


Non-physics applicants:

  • Regulations
  • Non-physics students can apply for physics student Erasmus slots, but physics students are prioritised
  • Selection process is delayed to February/March
  • Consensus required by all involved coordinators in Freiburg
  • Consensus required by all involved coordinators abroad; the applicant's duty to arrange this (sometimes difficult).



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