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Presentations and Colloquia


List of announced presentations and events:

Mon 17.12.2018, 10:00 -   Raum 915, Physik-Hochhaus
Ugo Marzolino
Universität Zagreb

Mon 17.12.2018, 13:00 -   MM Raum, Westbau
Masterkolloquium: Material identification via energy-selective X-Ray-measurements with Medipix3RX detectors
Michael Schütz
Universität Freiburg

Mon 17.12.2018, 17:15 -   Großer Hörsaal
X-Rays and Cold Ions: A Perfect Match to Study Spin and Charge in Gas-Phase Model Systems - from Metal Ions to Molecular Magnets (more...)
Antrittsvorlesung: Tobias Lau
Universität Freiburg

Tue 18.12.2018, 14:30 -   1.OG Physikhochhaus
Weihnachtsfeier des Physikalischen Instituts (more...)

Mon 07.01.2019, 17:15 -   Großer Hörsaal
Clouds, Ice and Precipitation: Why Nanoscale Aerosol Processes are Having Big Effects in the Environment (more...)
Thomas Leisner
KIT Karlsruhe

Mon 14.01.2019, 17:15 -   Großer Hörsaal
Supernova Footprint on the Doorstep
Gunther Korschinek
Fakultät für Physik, Technische Universität München

Mon 21.01.2019, 17:15 -   Großer Hörsaal
Ultrafast Electron Microscopy and Diffraction
Claus Roppers
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Mon 28.01.2019, 17:15 -   Großer Hörsaal
Active Matter and Active Materials: Emerging Behavior in Intrinsically out of Equilibrium Systems
Ignacio Pagonabarraga
University of Barcelona

Mon 04.02.2019, 17:15 -   Großer Hörsaal
A Statistical Mechanics Approach to Evolution - are there Ergodic Dynamics in Genotype Space?
Tom McLeish
University of York, United Kingdom

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