Learning Agreement

Here we give collect guidelines for filling in the Learning Agreement in the Mobility-Online system.

The Learning Agreement will be approved by the Physik Koordinator and/or the Pruefungsamt.

Your goal should be to establish a clear map between the classes taken abroad and local ones, so that the Pruefungsamt knows how to recognise your classes after your return.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the courses fit into your study plan. We will have to decide if classes match required lectures and if they fit into Modules. 

Often ECTS points do not match precisely; we then redistribute and average to match the bins. (This should be somewhat clear from reading your entries in the LA.)

Please provide the following information in the Mobility-Online database, so that we are certain about your plans for the recognition:

  • In the field "LV-Bezeichnung an der Heimathochschule" state either the corresponding Lehrveranstaltung or state as well the Module e.g.:
    • BSc.: Experimentalphysik I, Theoretische Physik II
    • BSc.: BOK, Seminar, Fachfremdes Wahlpflichtmodul, Spezialvorlesung, Wissenschaftl. Programmieren etc.
    • MSc.: Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    • MSc.:  Advanced Physics 2, Elective Subjects
  • For lectures corresponding to "Advanced Physics (MSc.)" please state the corresponding class in the field "LV-Nummer /Heim" (e.g. QFTI, General Relativity etc.)
  • For lectures corresponding to "Elective Subjects" a corresponding class can be entered in the field "LV-Nummer /Heim" for clarification
  • For most entries the field "LV-Nummer /Heim" is not required. You can use the field for comments.



  • You can map multiple classes abroad to a single local one. E.g. [abroad: Standard Model (4ECTS), QED (5ECTS)] -> [local QFTI(9ECTS)].
  • If helpful, specify as well the study cycle/plan (BSc, MSc)
  • MSc.: Language courses do not qualify as Elective Subjects unless the level is very high.
  • MSc.: Classes for Elective Subjects have to have master level
  • Please provide supplemental material or links to course catalogues if needed 
  • BSc.: a class mapped to "Seminar" has to have clear seminar character
  • If you discover a bug in the online LA form, please let me know and I will forward the information to the EU-office
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