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Vorträge und Kolloquien


Liste der angekündigten Vorträge/Veranstaltungen:

Mon 22.04.2024, 15:00 -   Seminar room 915 (High-Rise)
Accelerating a Rydberg atom-based Controlled-Z gate via counterdiabatic driving (mehr...)
Tim Ehret
University of Freiburg

Mon 22.04.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Thermal relaxation asymmetry: When and why heating is faster than cooling (mehr...)
Aljaz Godec
MPI Goettingen

Mon 06.05.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Solar flares: Dynamics of energy release, particle acceleration, and energy partitions
Gregory Fleischmann
KIS Freiburg

Mon 13.05.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Is There Any Good History of Quantum Physics, and if so, Should We Care?
Arne Schirrmacher
HU Berlin

Mon 27.05.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Physics of Death
Wilson Poon
University of Edinburgh

Mon 03.06.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Environmental sustainability of basic research: What to do and what to avoid? (mehr...)
Michael Dueren
University of Giessen

Mon 10.06.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Stochastic thermodynamics: From concepts to model-free inference (mehr...)
Udo Seifert
University of Stuttgart

Mon 17.06.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Looking beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Heidi Rzehak
University of Freiburg

Mon 24.06.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Particle physics at the LHC: From the Lagrangian to theoretical predictions (mehr...)
Mathieu Pellen
University of Freiburg

Mon 08.07.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Generation of intense optical Schroedinger "cat" states and applications in non-linear optics
Paris Tzallas
FORTH/University of Crete

Mon 15.07.2024, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
Quantum Sensors
Michael Doser

Tue 05.11.2024, 8:30 -   HS I
dddd (mehr...)

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