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  • crystal_520x300

    Fascinating morphologies of polymer crystals (AG Reiter)
    Photo: P. Poudel

  • nopa_520x300.jpg

    Non-colinear Optical Parametric Amplifier - NOPA
    (AG Stienkemeier)

  • gartenphysik_520x300

    "Garden of Physics"
    Photo: M. Herrmann

  • atlas_520x300

    Endcap of the ATLAS silicon strip detector
    Source: http://atlas.ch

  • laserlab_520x300

    Laser Lab (AG Sch├Ątz)
    Photo: M. Herrmann

  • STM_520x300

    STM-Lab (AG Reiter)
    Photo: B. Heck

  • scatteringevents_520x300

    Scattering events in a six-port Fourier multiport beam-splitter (AG Buchleitner)
    Image: M. Tichy

  • IRTGCoCo_520x300.jpg

    International Research Training Group (IRTG 2079)
    "Cold Controlled Ensembles in Physics and Chemistry"

  • cryolab_520x300

    Astroparticle Physics Lab (AG Schumann)
    Photo: Oliver Kern, www.okdv.de

  • multijunction_520x300

    Multi-junction solar cell on Silicon (AG Bett)
    REM picture: (c) Fraunhofer ISE

  • TPCs_520x300

    R&D towards future liquid xenon-based dark matter detectors (AG Schumann)
    Bild: Robin Glade-Beucke


As of Monday, 2 November 2020 the level 5 measures in its multi-level-plan apply to the University of Freiburg. All classroom-based teaching will be interrupted. The latest information, frequently asked questions and fact sheets & forms for studies and teaching can be found here.


What's up this week ?


Mon 25.01.2021, 14:00 -   Online Meeting
Localization effects in the disordered two-dimensional Bose-Hubbard-model (more...)
Andreas Geissler
University of Nottingham

Mon 25.01.2021, 17:15 -   Gr. HS
The Top Quark and the Higgs Boson: A Very Special Relationship (more...)
Andrea Knue
Experimentelle Teilchenphysik, Universität Freiburg

Tue 26.01.2021, 11:00 -   Online Meeting
Many-particle quantum backflow (more...)
Maximilien Barbier
Universite Libre de Brussels

Tue 26.01.2021, 14:00 -   Online Meeting
Characterization of multiparticle entanglement with randomized measurements (more...)
Andreas Ketterer
Universität Freiburg

Thu 28.01.2021, 11:00 -   Online Meeting
https://www.quantum.uni-freiburg.de/Files%20and%20pictures/pausch-lukas_ankundigung/at_download/file (more...)
Lukas Pausch
Universität Freiburg

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