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FP-II: Physiklabor für Fortgeschrittene, Teil 2 / Master Laboratory

General informationen

The FP-II is part of the following study programmes:

  • Bachelor of Science Physics (PO 2009): "Physiklabor für Fortgeschrittene, Teil 2" (formally 5th semester)
  • Master of Science Physics (PO 2015): "Master Laboratory" (formally 1st semester)


The FP-II is offered once a year, in the semester break after the winter semester (February-April).


Place: Institute of Physics, Gustav-Mie-Haus (Building 21b on the Natural Sciences Campus Map)

Organizers: Prof. Karl Jakobs, Dr. Christof Bartels, Dr. Ulrich Warring, Dr. Christian Weiser

Office hours: Tuesday 10:00 (by appointment)

Emails should be addressed to:  fp@physik.uni-freiburg.de



The dates for FP-II are typically arranged as follows:

  • Registration: November - Dezember
  • Vorbesprechung: mid / end February (last week of lecture period)
  • Statistics exam: end of February (1st week of semester break)
  • Safety instructions: end of February (1st week of semester break)
  • Introduction to Root: end of February (1st week of semester break)
  • Experiments in the 1st block: end of February - mid March
  • Experiments in the 2nd block: mid March - mid April
  • Seminar talks: in April (minimum 2 weeks after the last experiment)


The current schedule can be found here:



Enrollement open from 17.11. - 31.12.2017 on ILIAS.

  • In addition, please register within the Campus Management system, https://www.verwaltung.uni-freiburg.de/qis/
  • Please use the waiting lists if (and only if) the main lists are fully booked. All registered students, including those on the waiting lists, will have the chance to participate in the FP-II.
  • The FP-II will be organized in two 4-week blocks, with separate registration lists. Please see above for the preliminary schedule.
  • The experiments will be performed in groups of two students. Preferences for partner students should be addressed to fp@physik.uni-freiburg.de.
  • Preferences for certain experiments, if any, should be addressed to fp@physik.uni-freiburg.de.
  • For students who completed their advanced lab (FP-I equivalent) at other universities: Please send a short list of your FP-I experiments to fp@physik.uni-freiburg.de when registering for the FP-II. We will try to provide an appropriate selection of experiments to cover all areas of modern physics.
  • Students in special situations (e.g. Erasmus, holiday semesters), please contact fp@physik.uni-freiburg.de and respect the advice given on the FAQ Pages.


FP-II experiments

The FP-II consists of

  • two 1-week experiments
  • one 2-week experiment
  • a seminar talk (40+15 minutes) on the results of the 2-week experiment


For experiment instructions and other documentation, please follow the links in the table.

The following experiments are currently offered:

Elementary particles and nuclear physics
Atoms and molecules
Solid state physics


Academic Integrity

The Regulations of the University of Freiburg on Safeguarding Academic Integrity can be found here:


The Regulations of the University of Freiburg on safeguarding academic integrity are valid at all times. Any
kind of disobedience is taken very seriously and can conclude that the entire lab course is failed.



Detailed information about the organization of the FP-II can be found on this web site:


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