Incoming students


  • The interdisciplinary International Office (IO) of the University of Freiburg informs you about the Erasmus application 
  • The department of physics has one coordinator, Prof. Dr. Joachim Dzubiella, who is available for questions regarding your studies in physics.


  • Please notice the application deadlines typically in the beginning of April. Check with your host University and Institute.

  • Our winter semester starts in October (to February) and the summer semester in April (to July).

  • Our Bachelor courses are in German. Our Master courses are in English.

  • Your host university will check if you have the sufficient knowledge of German (B2) and English (B2) (recommended levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)).

  • Some more general Info and FAQs as single pdf

  • You can find the course catalogue on this webpage. By adapting the link you can view future and past course catalogues. Often not all courses are advertised at the time of your application and you will have to contact the lectures for more detailed information. The course catalogue of previous years will help to find the expected courses.

  • The application has to be sent directly to our International Office (IO): and/or


 During your stay

  • For your Certificate of Arrival: contact the IO-Erasmus office:

  • You are welcome to inquire about your changes to your Learning Agreement with the coordinator Dzubiella. However, even more important will be to discuss this with your home institute, to make sure that the courses will be acknowledged appropriately. Once you know your changes, please send the changes to your Learning Agreement directly to the departmental coordinator of your home institution.

  • At the end of the semester you will have to keep your HISinOne records up-to-date and collect certificates ("Scheine") of your exam results if these do not appear in your HISinOne records. Then hand in a  complete list of the certificates to the Erasmus coordinator/Prüfungsamt (Physics Examination Office) to obtain your Transcript of Records. You can submit the material by email. It is important to remind lectures well before the end of term that you are an Erasmus student and that you will need certificates. You will need to complete this before you leave Freiburg.

 After your stay:

  • Please stay in touch with us via e-mail until you have received your Transcript of Records.


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