Forms M.Sc. Applied Physics (PO 2016)

Effective for all students in the M.Sc. Applied Physics programme


Withdrawal from an exam due to illness

In case you are sick and therefore not able to take one or more exams, please take notice of the following information  regarding the procedure of the withdrawal:


1. Necessary documents for submission to the examination office:


2. The medical check-up has to be conducted by no later than the day the respective exam takes place.

3. The necessary documents have to be received by the examination committee not later than three workdays after the    respective exam.

(You also find those information in more detail in the information sheet enclosed in the form for your request)


Application for the module Research Traineeship


Certificate for the module Research Traineeship

After successful completion of the module Research Traineeship the certificate has to be signed by the respective supervisor. The passed traineeship in combination with the signed certificate qualifies for the application for the master thesis.


Admission & Application for the Master Thesis

Admission requirements are the matriculation in the course of study M.Sc. Applied Physics and the successfully passed module Research Traineeship. Students that received admission subject to certain conditions have to provide evidence of the respective fulfilments. 

A successful application requires the successfully passed module Research Traineeship. This certificate has to be attached to the respective  application. The master thesis (28 ECTS) has a duration of 6 months. Within a period of two weeks before to four weeks  after submitting the master thesis the results have to be presented in the course of the master colloquium (2 ECTS). 

Neccessary documents for submission to the examination office:


All students have to comply with the following documents:


Declaration for the Master Thesis

With the signed declaration you insure that the submitted master thesis is not and was never part of any other examination procedures, either complete or in substantial parts and was written autonomously.


Application for the Master Colloquium

Within a period of 2 weeks before to 4 weeks after submitting the master thesis the results have to be presented in the course of the master colloquium (2 ECTS).


Record of the Presentation in the Master Colloquium


Application for Optional Specialisation

Master students can select their courses in order to obtain a specialization in "Quantum Science and Technology", or "Applied Condensed Matter Physics". Obtaining a specialization is optional and not required.


Route Card & Form "Stays Abroad"

The route card is one of the last documents you have to submit to the examination office at the end of your studies. If your name is filled in and all books and keys were returned the respective persons sign their part. Also please fill out and sign the form "Stays Abroad".


Detailed information regarding i.e. duration of exams and presentations or supervision models you find in the respective  examination regulations.

  • Admission & Immatriculation Regulations
  • Admission Regulations for the M.Sc. Applied Physics
  • Examination Regulation M.Sc. - Framework
  • Examination Regulation M.Sc. - Attachment
  • Examination Regulation M.Sc. Applied Physics 


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