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What's up this week ?


Mon 27.11.2017, 17:15 -   Hörsaal I
On the Use and Abuse of THERMODYNAMIC Entropy (more...)
Peter Hänggi
Institut für Physik, Universität Augsburg

Tue 28.11.2017, 12:00 -   Raum 915, Physik-Hochhaus
The Quantum Zeno Effect in the Local Ionisation of a Bose Einstein Condensate (more...)
Janine Franz
Univ. Freiburg

Tue 28.11.2017, 13:00 -   MM-Raum, Westbau
Masterkolloquium: Investigation of the Higgs Boson Production via Gluon Fusion in the H -> WW* -> lnu lnu Decay Mode with the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider
Benjamin Jäger
Universität Freiburg

Wed 29.11.2017, 16:15 -   HS II
GRK 2044 Seminar talk: Mu3e (more...)
Andre Schöning
Universität Heidelberg

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