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about exceltex

Exceltex is a LaTeX package combined with a helper program written in Perl. It provides a easy to use yet powerfull and flexible way to get data from Spreadsheets into LaTeX.

In difference to other existing solutions, exceltex does not seek for making the creation of tables in LaTeX easier, but to get data from Spreadsheets into LaTeX as easy as possible.

The excel fileformat only acts as an interface between the spreadsheet application and exceltex beacause it is easily accessible via the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel Perl module and because most spreadsheet applications are able to read and write excel files.





Exceltex is quite easy to use. Look at the following example:

% example.tex


\section{including cells}

Sheet1, B2:  \inccell{example.xls!Sheet1!B2}

you may omit the filename, if it has the same basename as the LaTeX
file ("example"): \inccell{Sheet1!B2}

\section{using with tabulars}

column 1 & column 2 & column 3 \\

now, run latex, exceltex and latex again:
latex example; exceltex example; latex example


screenshot1 screenshot2
[180kB] [200kb]

known problems and limitations

  • not all Excel files are supported, see Spreadsheet::ParseExcel documentation for details.
  • Characters and symbols which require macros in LaTeX (like greek letters etc.) are not supported
  • Dont use any LaTeX control characters (\,^,_,#,{,},!) in filenames or Sheet names.
  • up


    Copy the exceltex script somewhere in your PATH (eg. /usr/local/bin, $HOME/bin) and exceltex.sty somehwere in your LaTeX package search path (eg. /usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/misc, $HOME/texmf/tex/latex/misc).

    Debian/Ubuntu users may use the debian package provided below.


    Current Version 0.5.1 (2006-04-30)
    • bugfixes
    • documentation updates

    download: debian, source, browse

    The Debian package should install and run on Debian sarge and Ubuntu horay, breezy and dapper.
    older versions
    • 0.5.0 (2006-03-11) deb or tgz
    • 0.4.0 (2006-02-18) deb or tgz
    • 0.3.4 (2005-04-01) deb or tgz

    APT Repository:

    deb ./